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Let's talk about stinky cat butts

Look, it's a thing. If you have cats you know it is. And if you have senior cats, you really know. I have three, and one is, shall we say...a little too clean her nether regions (pictured here, snoozing in all her plump glory). Plus, I'm not convince she really even cares enough to exert that much effort. It's gross, especially if your cats lay on your lap and on top of you on your bed sheets, like mine do. No one every told me about this before I was a cat owner...

I use fragrance free baby wipes for maintenance now. I started doing this after the plump one got an infection due to not cleaning. Once I got it cleared up with Douxo Chlorhexidine wipes I started cleaning her (and the others) with the baby wipes every couple of days. It's made a world of difference! I learned this trick from my vet (Thanks, PawSteps Veterinary Center!).

Note: this post represents my opinion only, and no company or other entity has sponsored this post in any way.