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Helping senior dogs navigate stairs

Our bedroom is on the second floor, and it's getting harder and harder for our senior dogs to navigate the stairs. Try making them stay downstairs, you say? our spoiled babies are going to settle for that!

Of course it so happens that we also have slick wooden stairs. The carpet treads we have down have worked pretty well until now, but recently they have needed more help to get traction (I gave up on those nail grippers a long time ago - they don't work for us).

That's when my husband had the ingenious idea to put down anti-slip tape (which is also very low-cost!). He taped it to the edges of each stair and then placed the carpet tread back down over it, as you can see in the photo below. This has helped so much, and honestly it has prevented all of us from falling! I can point to numerous times we have seen it work.

Hey, the aesthetics might not be too pleasing, but let's face it...our house has gone to the dogs, anyway!

I hope this tip helps your precious senior pups!