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humble opinions and honest advice inspired by the dog who started it all




He was my first dog and our first dog together...we adopted him in Alabama soon after we moved there. It was because of Baxter that our eyes were opened to the plight of southern dogs, and it was because of Baxter that I began what has become my life's passion...helping dogs (and cats), raising awareness, and trying to reduce overpopulation and abuse. 

We've had so many dogs and cats in our home over the years and worked with so many rescues that I am continually asked my opinion about animal matters. I decided to start this blog to share what I have learned over the years and to honor our Baxter.

We lost Bax in January of 2018 to cancer, and it's been hard. Really hard. I still grieve. But with this blog he is still with me, and I can share him with all of you, too.

We'll love you forever, BaxMan. And I'm doing everything I can to help your kind. 

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